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Nathan and Dawn are full-time missionaries with a heart for worldwide revival. We partner with churches around the globe to help release a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit in that region. As a result, the churches grow in strength and number, unity is established, and the people are released into their destinies. We help bring renewal through:

1) Gospel crusade evangelism

2) Seminars, workshops, and conferences

3) Deliverance and inner healing

4) Training the body of Christ to do ministry and street evangelism

5) Clearing the land and territories of demonic principalities.

If you would like to sponsor or invite Nathan and Dawn to go to your church or region, please contact them at:

Nathan and Dawn Pietsch are frontline missionaries, and they need your prayers! If you are led to join in prayer coverage for Nathan and Dawn, please visit

All Sufficient God Church is a non-profit organization, which enables any contributions to qualify as tax-deductible.

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation please visit: